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I suggest the resolution, separation, a system to collect with the warm water and introduce a duvet and the down jacket using the dissolution thread for sewing that I developed. In addition, I display the jacket which down using transparent cloth looks like.

Exhibition Category

  • Fiber, Clothing

Corporate Information

Section Engineering Department
Address Engineering Department
Phone 0243-34-2718
e-mail towa0919@towauniform.com

Environmentally conscious aspects

  • Improving materials used in manufacturing
  • Reducing the amount of waste at the time of disposal
  • Better product/service features
Lead ゜ does a world fashion in an ecological feather recycling technology.
It is the device which I disintegrate by warm water, and separates the sewing thread of the feather product

Summary of Business

We were founded as a military uniform factory of 仙台陸軍偕行社 in 1941, and a corporation achieved becoming it in 1948. I am specialized in the uniform of public and private sectors and, since the establishment of a business, sell producing it.
I make use of the high technology that is our strength, and the current main business partner is Ministry of Defense (the Ground Self-Defense Force, the Marine Self Defense Force, the Air Self-Defense Force, ceremonial arms corps) and Fukushima Prefectural Police others, each prefectural police, JR east and west, Seibu Railway, a major company traveler transportation company including Tokyu. These are enough production capacity having the cooperation factory of country 10 several places and two places of foreign territories (China). I hold CAD system six, CAM system four about the attemptability in the office. I fix the system accepted in enforcement of a variety of suggestion and various orders by possessing a lot of basic design patterns. In addition, by CAD for exclusive use of the 特寸 size, the easy order system of the uniform is established, too.
By a plan, the production system, I raise a pattern from a figure of illustration which a designer made and have several engineers who can make a trial manufacture sample, and the production of the special uniform which and needs a high technique such as the ceremonial arms corps uniform and the product corresponding to the small order of the customer is possible.

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